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Airfluent Air Purifiers

Airfluent Air Purifiers reduce the widest range of pollutants including Viruses and VOCs. Our Airdog X range effectively filters particles down to a tiny 0.0146μm (14.6 nanometers) which is far beyond the 0.3μm (3 microns) that a traditional HEPA does. By choosing Airfluent Air Purifiers, you have a cutting-edge high-quality home air purifier that contributes to a happier and healthier planet.

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Airdog Helps To Combat The Spread Of Covid-19

According to Francesca Dominici, a Harvard biostatistics professor said: “If you’re getting COVID-19, and you’ve been breathing polluted air, it’s really like putting gasoline on the fire.”

Airdog Keeps You Safe In The Covid-19 Pandemic.

COVID-19 aka “The Corona Virus” has everyone on edge. The world faces a tipping point in the battle to contain the outbreak. By now, it has spread to almost 40 countries, with over 83,000 people affected and over 2,800 deaths. Its spreading fast outside of China- now in Iran, Italy, South Korea, and Japan, and has caused concern of a worldwide epidemic.


Air Problems. Do you know we are surrounded by them when driving?

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