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Airdog X8

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R19 710,00


Product Specifications


Voltage: 100~240V,50Hz;

Rated Power: 110W;

Applicable Area: ≥92㎡;

Clean Air Delivery Rate: ≥500CFM(800m³/h);

Cumulate Clean Mass: P4/F4;

Ozone Emmision: <0.005ppm;

Max Noise≤63dB(A);

Suppression Effect of Formaldehyde>99.9%;

Suppression Effect of PM2.5>99.9%;

Suppression Effect of Total Bateria Counts>99.9%;

Removal Rate of H3N2 Influenza Virus in 1h>99.99%;

Effective Filtering Particle Size≥0.0146micron;

Remote Control: YES;

APP Enabled: YES;


Package Information

Carton Size: 98x50x50cm
Machine Size: 76x38x38cm Gross Weight: 21kg
Net Weight: 19.7kg
Packing Quantity: 1pcs


X8 Manual


Cleaning Manual


Install Guide



APP Connection Tutorial





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