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Smart Electric Mask

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  • You can wear it all day long without feeling fatigue.
  • Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.
  • Made from the same food-grade silicone used in babies pacifiers.
  • Five layers of efficient filtration.
  • Equipped with a highly safe Lithium Polymer environmental protection battery with a capacity 680mAh which meets daily use and can be used for an estimated 4hours on one charge.


Product Specifications


Model: BN95

Product Size: 99x89x57mm

Net weight: 102g

Battery Capacity: 680mAh

Rated Voltage: DC3.7V

Rated Current: 200mA

Air Volume: 27m³

Changing Time: 2hour

Life time: 4 ~ 5 hours

Purification efficiency: .99.6%

Material: Activated carbon +HEPA+ non-woven fabric +Antibacterial cotton +edible silicone+ABS


Blue, Pink, White

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